Planned infrastructure



Number of berths

Three berths of a total length of 618 m, allowing at least two passenger and/or cruise ships to be accommodated at the same time

Depth at berths

-10.5 m

Turnaround basin width

up to 460 m


Up to 20 ha

Public transport access

Access to public road transport (bus) will be initially provided, with the future development of tram traffic to the terminal

Indicative schedule for the implementation of the project idea

  • 2018 - Riga City Council adopts a decision on the development of a local plan for the southern part of the EO
  • 2019 - sketch project developed; local plan development stage
  • 2020 - local development plan agreed; MOU signed between private partner and Riga Freeport Authority
  • 2021 - Eksportosta land management plan; feasibility study, terminal sketch design
  • 2022 - Project planning, establishment of Freeport Working Group
  • 2023 - Riga City Council approval of the local plan; architectural competition; attraction of financing for the terminal, public procurement
  • 2024 - design
  • 2025 - 2026 - construction
  • 2027 - Passenger port becomes operational; completion of construction and start of operations of the new terminal

Other requirements

Riga Ropax Terminal architectural competition for the terminal building, ensuring the necessary functionality for visitors and integration of the building into the visual image of Riga