Local plan for Eksportosta approved

At the end of June, the Riga City Council approved the Eksportosta Local Development Plan, which also includes the Riga Ropax Terminal project.

Ports of Stockholm and Port of Riga sign Memorandum of Understanding to apply for joint EU funding

A newly signed Memorandum of Understanding between Ports of Stockholm, the Freeport of Riga Authority and Riga Ropax Terminal is the driving force behind a joint application for EU funding to reduce the impact of port activities on the environment and climate in the areas surrounding the passenger terminals in the capital cities. The aim is to build a sustainable foundation for the future reintroduction of the important maritime transport route between the neighbouring countries and to ensure climate neutrality.

The application for EU funding for the Ropax project studies in the Port of Riga has been submitted

Riga Ropax Terminal, in cooperation with the Riga Freeport Authority as project lead partner, the Port of Stockholm, the Port of Klaipeda, the City of Stockholm and the Vismar University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, has submitted an application to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Transnational Cooperation Programme. The aim is to obtain funding to carry out research on reducing the ecological footprint of passenger and ro-ro terminals in the city centre in three ports - Riga, Klaipeda and Stockholm - by studying air, sound and wastewater pollution.

Facts about the cruise you might not know

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