Current Use

The building, which is planned to be rebuilt for the needs of the Riga Ropax Terminal, is currently used as a warehouse for the cargo handling terminal in the adjacent area.

In 2020, the respective building became the home of the Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art RIBOCA2, during the stressful time of solving Covid-19, with various movement restrictions, offering modern art gourmets an unprecedented experience. Of particular note is the filming of RIBOCA2, which already premiered in October 2021.

In turn, the adjacent territory at the Export Port is currently used as an open cargo area.

Territory amenities

Planned territory:
• office building
• trade and service objects
• tourism, recreation, culture, sports, education and science objects
• well-maintained outdoor space

Functionality of the territory - mixed center building and technical building territory
The project envisages the development of the territory both in terms of passenger and RO-RO cargo handling, integrating the necessary infrastructure for the ferry line, RO-RO ship line and cruise ship passengers in the territory, as well as buildings related to this function (parking lots, gas station) and unrelated buildings - commercial construction. 

In the territory of the passenger terminal for the needs of ship service, the water area and shore infrastructure will be improved by dredging at the berths up to 10.5 m mark, expanding the turning basin to 460 m (to service cruise ships with a length over 300 m). Reconstruction of berths will also be carried out, equipping them with the infrastructure required for a modern passenger terminal. Within the framework of the project, the technical and economic substantiation for the following additional functionality of berths will be assessed - shore power supply, automatic mooring system and construction of the LNG system. In the area near EO-7 and EO-8 there will be mostly parking lots / driveways.

High-quality, accessible, well-equipped, modern outdoor space
It is planned to use the historical stone pavement as a landscaping element in the area of greenery or pedestrian roads, combining it with modern road paving materials.

Export Port Bay pedestrian promenade
The planned pedestrian promenade along the shore of Daugava is a public outdoor area with priority for pedestrians and cyclists, reserved to provide access to the Daugava Export Port Bay, and identified as a necessary area for the development and construction of technical public infrastructure.

Green area solutions
Various green zone solutions and a minimum free green zone indicator of 10-30% are envisaged in the territory. The green area is planned to be created as an essential part of the outdoor space of the Ropax terminal building, ensuring free movement for pedestrians and cyclists.

Rest areas
It is planned to create the equipment necessary for health and physical activities in the area adjacent to the Ropax terminal building. It is also planned to create a children's playground and recreation area. 

Additional functions

For drivers
Access to the territory is planned from Eksporta Street. It is planned to create parking lots in the Ropax territory, outside the street territory, providing both short-term and long-term parking lots.

For pedestrians and cyclists
The planned pedestrian and bicycle traffic corridor is part of a unified pedestrian promenade along the Daugava, ending at Eksporta Street, as a publicly accessible, continuous strip of public outdoor space without fencing.

For public transport users
According to the local plan, changes to the tram route and construction of a destination at Riga Ropax Terminal are planned, which would not only provide a convenient connection between the Ropax and the center of Riga, but also connect three passenger infrastructure facilities in Riga - Riga International Airport, RailBaltica and Riga Ropax Terminal.